ARTURO CALLE, a role model


Considered one of the most charismatic and entrepreneurial businessmen in Colombia, ARTURO CALLE has always been known for his commitment towards his workers, his country and the community, in general.

Recognized nationally and internationally as a successful man with a clear vision on how he would like to be remembered, ARTURO CALLE has become almost unintentionally, one of the most admired and beloved figures in the country.

In five decades of experience, ARTURO CALLE has successfully positioned his brand in the minds of all Colombian and created a business concept widely acclaimed in the international realm.

So in 1965 in a small place of no more than 8 meters in San Victorino sector (Bogotá), began what was later established as the signature ARTURO CALLE.

With the support of all those who work with us, has created a unique business model in the middle of the fashion industry and the business environment in the country. Marketed to retail, apparel and accessories for men over 70 stores in the major cities of Colombia, Panamá and Costa Rica.

ARTURO CALLE has become a symbol of progress model, being always a company that has been concerned with human talent, which has continuously provided better working conditions for optimal physical performance, taking into account their needs and expectations.


Design, manufacture and bring clothing into the marketplace through high quality industrial processes and technology. Always seeking greater efficiency in our
production and at the same time seeking a never ending improvement of the social and economic balance of our country.


ARTURO CALLE executes the design and marketing activities directly. The design area is involved in product development, fabrics and materials. Using premium
domestic and imported fabrics and materials, skilled labor to provide high end product to discerning customer.